Replacing multiple lost teeth with a comfortable, well fitting, and natural looking solution

No-one should have to struggle with ill-fitting or painful dentures, and your smile is something that you should be proud to show off! That’s why we work the UK’s best denture lab to ensure that you get comfortable, bespoke, and exceptional dentures.

Dentures in Mossley

The Peaks Dental and Implant Centre is proud to offer our patients a variety of excellent options when it comes to Dentures. During your consultation appointment with our Dentist you’ll be able to talk through what you want to achieve and discuss your treatment moving forwards.

Our Dentists can offer a range of choices, including Implant Supported Dentures. Traditionally dentures can be unstable and uncomfortable, therefore causing anxiety and embarrassment to the patient. With an implant supported denture, the implants stabilise the specially made denture, giving the wearer more confidence, comfort, and precision fit.

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