Tooth Fairy Educational Visit

Fun filled sessions, educating children about the importance of healthy teeth

During the school holidays we offer Tooth Fairy sessions to all our young patients (ages 5 to 10).

A fun filled and educational session, children aged up to 10 can enjoy learning all about caring for their teeth and bodies from our very own resident Tooth Fairy! With fun games and activities centred around proper tooth brushing technique, learning to floss, caring for our teeth and bodies, and the importance of a healthy diet children will have a fantastic time learning without even knowing it. Plus children will get to make and decorate their very own Tooth Fairy Box to take home!

Dental Dentist Education for Children

Please come dressed in appropriately for crafts, things can get a little sticky when we make the Tooth Fairy Boxes! Water and squash will be provided but please note that no food will be served.

At the end of each session every child will receive a tooth brush, stickers, fun colouring sheets, a digital photo with the Tooth Fairy (emailed to parent/guardian), and a certificate.

For our older patients (ages 10 to 12) we offer our Healthy Teeth and Body sessions.

With a focus on older children, we will look at how the anatomy of the human skull changes as you grow up and what happens to our teeth, the importance of healthy eating and making the right choices to keep our teeth in top condition, how to brush and floss, plus some cool science experiments looking at the effect of fizzy/acidic drinks on teeth, and how toothpaste cleans and protects our teeth.

Plastic aprons are provided for experiments but please come in old clothes as it can get a bit messy! Water and squash will be provided but please note that no food will be served.

Every child will receive a toothbrush, workbook, digital photograph (emailed to parent/guardian), and a certificate to take home!

Tooth Fairy and Healthy Teeth and Body sessions cost just £9.99 for children on our in house plan, and £19.99 for non-plan members (a family discount for multiple children from the same family is available).

Session spaces are limited so why not book your slot today! Call on 01457 838 995 for more details.

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